Fire Smart Information

What is Fire Smart:

As more and more people move into the rural landscape and into our forested areas it becomes more important than ever for landowners to be better prepared.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services Commission in partnership with the Alberta Government through Agriculture and Forests has produced a Wildfire Mitigation Strategy.  This Strategy outlines areas of concern with in the Town and MD of Pincher Creek that could be improved to reduce the risk of Wildfire. The Plan can be viewed below.  This in conjunction with Fire Smart principles will help reduce the risk of Wildfire and also reduce the risk to property in the event of Wildfire.

What to do in the event of a Wildfire:

  • Stay Calm follow directions of local authorities.  
  • Follow local news and reputable social media for critical updates including Alberta Emergency Alert.
  • Prepare your property following Fire Smart practices.

Wildfire Mitigation Strategy 2016:

The Wildfire Mitigation Strategy is a document that outlines areas of possible wildfire risk in the community and surrounding Municipal District.  The strategy is being used to help reduce the risk of wildfire through out the MD including Castle Mountain resort and the Town of Pincher Creek.  Follow the link to view the plan.

Pincher Creek Wildfire Mitigation Strategy 2016