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Commendations/ Concerns

What to Include?

At PCESC, we believe patient feedback is vital to our ongoing success in providing excellent patient care.  Please fill out the form with your feedback if you have:

  • Complaints or questions about your care

  • Suggestions to improve our Health Services

  • Commendations for the service or staff

What can I expect when I share feedback?

  • All persons involved in a complaint or Commendation will be treated with dignity, respect, confidentiality and with an equal opportunity to be heard without bias.

  • We will gather information and investigate if you have a complaint

  • A response will be provided by the Deputy Chief of PCESC in a timely manner.

  • Documentation will be kept in a secure location respecting the complainants rights to privacy and confidentiality.  

  • At the conclusion of the review, further options will be provided to you in order to resolve the complaint.

  • Complaints may be rejected by the Deputy Chief of PCESC if:

    • The complaint is deemed frivolous or vexatious in nature​

    • A fair review is not possible due to a delay greater than 2 years in making the complaint and/or

    • an anonymous complaint is made and there is not sufficient information to conduct a fair review

  • A record of all complaints will be maintained by PCESC as per the Records Retention Schedule, and those complaints regarding Emergency Medical Service shall be reported to Alberta Health Services as specified in the existing contract. 


Everyone has the right to:

  • Be treated with respect

  • Be listened to and be heard

  • Be in a safe, physical, emotional and psychological environment

Thanks for submitting!

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